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Alkenz remains a well-known name amongst the producers of screen fabrics. They are an independent South-Korean producer , making and selling (world-wide!) up to 5 million m² of fabric each year.
At Solaye Fabrics, based on our experience on the European market, we will set up a stock level of about 2000 rolls in order to meet our customers' demands with appropriate deliveries.
Our automated system which is managing our orders and feeding the production in Korea, enables us to order the needed reference - width and color. Our fabric is situated in Ieper Belgium in a digital monitored rack system.
In case of project orders, we will make necessary arrangements with our production and customers, to achieve a reliable delivery of the requested volumes in time.
The Quality level of the well-known "sunshadow" screen fabric from Alkenz.
The speed of the order management and a reliable delivery or fixed pick- up possibility, are the basics of our total service deal, which we offer to all our customers.